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Morgan Tree Service: Your Number 1 Tree Removal Contractor in Oroville, CA

Welcome to Morgan Tree Service, your trusted tree removal contractor that offers the services of tree removal, tree trimming, and firebreaks.

Your Highest Quality Tree Removal and Clearing Services

We offer a wide variety of tree removal and clearing services in Oroville, CA, that can resolve all the tree care needs that you have. With the help of our certified arborists, we will handle and take care of your trees.

The Services We Offer

Here are the services we proudly offer to help you with all the tree care that you need.
REMOVALS: We offer tree removals since it is needed to remove dead and diseased trees, or those that pose a safety hazard, from your property. We will be cautious not to damage your landscape and property while doing the removal, and we will safely and efficiently remove the trees you want removed from your yard.
TRIMMING: We offer regular tree trimming to maximize your trees’ health while also considering your, your family's, and your property’s safety. We will trim your trees to remove dead or diseased branches, for aesthetic purposes, and to improve their overall health.
FIREBREAKS: Wildfires are a concern in California, so we are here to provide you with the proper firebreak that can save homes and lives. We can create firebreaks around your property to help you protect it from wildfires.
VIEW CLEARANCE: Morgan Tree Service can give you the view that you have always dreamed of. If the view from your property is obstructed by trees, we are here to help. We will carefully trim or remove the trees blocking your view. This way, you can enjoy the view from your property without any disturbance. This can also enhance the beauty of your property.
PROPERTY CLEARING: If your property needs to be cleared for a new construction project, to build firebreaks, for landscaping purposes, or to cut in a new driveway, we can help you with that. We use specialized equipment to clear out brush, trees, and other vegetation from your property.
Other Services We Offer: Aside from tree removal and clearing services in Oroville, CA, as well as the services mentioned above, we also offer the following services:
  • Fire Reduction
  • Real Estate Cleanup
  • Stump Grinding
  • Mastication
  • Tractor Work

Get in Touch

Morgan Tree Service offers these services and provides them to our clients. Contact us today at 530-321-5899 to schedule an appointment or to avail of our services, including the tree removal and clearing services that we offer in Oroville, CA. We can’t wait to work with you.
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